Our trails consist of some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Washington County WI. Including awesome views of Basilica of the national Shrine of Mary at Holy Hill. We also venture through Glacier Hills County  park which features a wide variety of glacial landscapes. Messer/Meyer Mill Historical Park in the Village of Richfield is another favorite built in 1870. Inside contains the original equipment from the era and a pioneer homestead relocated to the park for preservation and the public to view.

Our Story

Always looking for help in developing alternative trails to get us off the roads and in safe riding areas as a family. Trail Section Leaders who develop relationships, lead the proper marking/installing of trail signs and removal at the end of the season. What do you say? Contact Chris Marks at 414-378-2932.

Where we need help

What you will find trail side in above photos throughout the year. See us on Outdoor Wisconsin below.

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In 1970 a bunch of friends that wanted to snowmobile in the Holy Hill area started Hill & Gully Snowriders to establish an organization devoted to safe snowmobiling and the future of the sport.

Hill and Gully Snowriders Inc.

Our trails